The arrival of autumn is admired through the earthy tones of nature, changing fashions in shop windows and our lunchtime hankering for a warm soup.

The changing season is also a reminder to check in with our own health. Over three Wednesday’s we are exploring mindfulness through art and music with Colour by Music.

The activity is inspired by Frank Maiorana’s Mandala Mindfulness Meditations. “The repetitive nature of creating a Mandala helps take the mind off mundane thoughts and chitty chatty constraints of the analytical mind,” says Frank.

During the lunchtime sessions in the Lane, Frank will be available to lead you through the power of the Mandala.

“Mandalas are easily accessible entry to mediation for anyone in our modern world,” Frank reveals, “a regular mediation practice helps you find harmony and wholeness, reduce stress and is linked to a whole host of other health benefits.”

Join Frank and our musicians on Wednesday 20, 27 March and 3 April between 12.00pm and 2.00pm. The activation is free, and you can stay for five minutes or until we pack up.

Share your creation using #SouthernCrossLane.