With the pinnacle of Spooky Season fast approaching, it’s about time to dust off your broomstick and decide who you’ll be bewitching as this year. If you’re tired of trying to spice up the same pair of devil ears with a classic red lip, it might be time to ‘treat’ yourself and rethink your options. Luckily, the team from Kryolan have this year’s Halloween looks sorted – the only hard part will be choosing which one is your favourite.

The most popular Halloween looks tend to follow the year’s biggest movies, and 2019 is no exception. Expect to see lots of people as Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker and Pennywise from IT. Classic horror characters like witches, vampires, zombies, or Day of the Dead skulls will always be a killer look, with the option to go all out or to incorporate elements for a chicer style.

The popularity of glamour-inspired makeup look is perfect for those who aren’t in the mood to spend hours applying bandages or fake blood. Kryolan’s Aquacolour makeup compact can elevate any Halloween look, with a range of colours offering endless inspiration. For those after super simple and quick touches, try the Metallic Flakes to channel your inner goddess and enter the party as a head turner.   

If you’re unsure what look to go for this Halloween, why not create your own? According to Kryolan, more people are now introducing their own take on iconic Halloween looks, including drag plastic surgeons and zombie beauty gurus.

If you still can’t decide what makeup look to go for, then Kryolan offers plenty of Halloween options catering for the beginner to the advanced makeup artist. Check out the simple yet eye-catching Pop Art Character Kit. Or try something more advanced, like a 3D skin effect wax, ideal for the Joker, and have everyone asking how you got those scars.

Afraid your skills aren’t up to the test? Kryolan offers fully redeemable Beauty or Glamour Makeovers, Character Makeovers, and makeup lessons.

Let Kyrolan work their magic this Halloween by calling them at 03 9580 8122 or visit their website here.